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Gudavi Bird Sanctuary


               Gudavi, is a small village in Sorab taluk of Shimoga district. Very few people have any knowledge about this village. But, the village attracts some beautiful wing flattering guests every monsoons. The birds,whom villagers welcome with great humbleness, throng a small pond of about 0.74km, near Gudavi, to build their home for 4 months of every year. Since the sanctuary  is in Gudavi village, it is named "Gudavi bird sanctuary". It is one of the best and lesser known of the 5 bird sanctuaries in our state,Karnataka.

Entrance to sanctuary
            The Sanctuary hosts a variety of birds ranging from Heron, Ibis, Egrets, Darter, Cormorant, parrots,mynas, kites and N number of other birds. Altough these are quiet common birds, its their sheer number of migration in this small village every year, to raise their next generation,  which makes it a place worth visiting.

             Gudavi was declared bird sanctuary in 80's and is now protected place. Gudavi village, is located around 15 kms from Sorab taluk. And sorab is some 100kms from Shimoga district. Connectivity to sorab is good. Having own vehicle would be preferable. If you don't have own vehicle then you can reach Sorab by bus and hire autos from Sorab to visit bird sanctuary. Bus frequency to Gudavi is less, so don't rely on public transport. Since Gudavi is located just 15Kms from Sorab taluk, so reaching the place should not be problem.
                              Birds migrate every rainy season in very large numbers, around a natural pond, which is only 0.74kms.The pond gets filled up during monsoons. Best time to visit is from June to November. Birds stay there for 4 months, raise their next generation and leave the place.once monsoons are over the birds leave the place and pond becomes empty. If you want to see the younger ones trying to take flight or getting fed by parent birds then i would suggest you to go by end of October or beginning of November. But don't visit the place post November, as the birds fly off from
the place after monsoon.
 Once you are at the entrance of this sanctuary, you are charge per head entry charges. .The sanctuary has 2 entrance. Tickets are given at both the sides. From the entrance one has to take vehicle some 700mts, park it and then walk along the pond. If you don't have vehicle then you can walk this 700mts from entrance till pond. Platforms are constructed for visitors to walk on, making them visitor friendly. Department has raised some 4 or 5 watch towers.Credit must be given to forest department for protecting the place against poaching, land grabbing from 80's,since the place  declared as bird sanctuary. I was told that birds are not fed by department nor the pond water is clean enough to sustain fish. Hence birds traverse long distances everyday to meet their diet. Climbing on watch
Watch tower view
towers one can view a sea of black and white feathers fluttering everywhere. As we walk on platform, we could hear birds chirping, quacks, which is so soothing to ears.  One feels so relaxed to watch birds everywhere and listen to their sweet voice.Visiting in right season may even give you a chance of parents bringing up their younger ones. If you have High end camera, then this should ideal place for you to get some good clicks. The sanctuary is open from 9Am to 6Pm. If you come at right time in the evening then you can watch swarm of birds coming back home at the end of day. It should be picturesque view. Having a powerful binocular would be plus point.

For me, it will be one of the best places i've been to, so far. I advice people who love birds to visit this place.Birds can be watched from a very close distance which itself is a joy. Even tough these are not uncommon or rare birds ,and can be seen on country side, but its worth to watch them gather at such a large number and raise younger ones. Since I'd been in July, so there were no younger ones. But it is one place which i would definitely visit again.

Quick checks :-

1Gudavi is small village, around 15 kms from Sorab Taluk of Shimoga district. Karnataka.
2.  Connectivity to Sorab is Good. one can hire autos till Sanctuary from Sorab. Own vehicle is preferable. Dont  rely on public transport from Sorab to gudavi.
3. Sanctuary is open from 9AM to 6PM.
4.  Birds that can be seen include, Heron, Ibis, Egrets, Darter, Cormorant, parrots,mynas, kites etc.
5. Best time to visit is from june - November.
6. Best time to visit younger ones will be post October and early November.
7. Sanctuary is visitor friendly, watch towers are raised at 4-5 places.
8. Having DSLR and Binocular would be helpful.
9. Do not feed or tease the birds.
10. If you've time then you can visit jog falls. Its around 60 Kms from here.

Some snaps : (Without DSLR camera).



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