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Visit to Sathodi falls


After long time, I got opportunity to go for outing. But i had time constraint of only one day. Since it being rainy season ,so we friends decided to go to Sathodi falls, Near yellapur, in Uttara kannada dist. Sathodi is also known as Mini-Niagara falls.!!. It was ideal spot for one day visit.

so, we left belgaum on  Sunday morning at 5am. Luckily we had a car to travel this time. I took dandeli route and  accordingly we spotted scores of peacocks, peahen with chicks, jackals,  spotted deer on road. Since road was bad so we moved at slow pace. Morning is such a beautiful time to spend on forest road. we stopped our car many times to get glimpse of various birds.

Sightings along main road.

Deviation from main road.

Thus i managed to reach  yellapur at 8.00am.  Sathodi falls is located very near to Yellapur. If you are travelling by bus then you need to reach Yellapur, which is moderately big city, and hire autos to reach falls.  There is huge sign  board which shows the direction and distance from main road to the Sathodi falls. Locating this board should not be issue, as it is displayed very next to highway. So from main road in yellapur we need to take diversion 
at the sign board and travel further for about 25kms to reach the falls.
Having own vehicle 2/4 wheeler would be preferable to visit. No bus goes till falls I advice you not to  rely on public transport  to travel last 25kms.(From diversion shown in photo).If you don't have own vehicle, then reach yellapur and hire an auto.We left main road and took right turn towards falls. Initial 20 of total 25kms from diversion, the roads are poor but manageable.  But roads  are narrow, so watch out the speed.  It took us a lot of time to drive 20kms, nearly about 40mins . But the last 5 kms, road becomes completely worst, Since it being rainy season, the condition was still bad., too much sticky mud and low ground clearance of our car made it impossible for us to take our car any further. Last 5 km road got converted into mud path and it was covered with potholes and  lots and lots of wet mud. We decided to park our car 5kms before the falls, hence we had to cover the remaining distance by foot.. It is more safe to take extra time to walk than to get the vehicle broken down in middle of forest.Vehicles with high ground clearance especially SUV's should not have problem with this road. But be very careful, as there are very narrow roads at some points, especially in the last 5 kms. THERE IS NO ALTERNATE ROAD.Thus, parking the vehicle we started walking on the mud path. Walking, we  felt more safe then driving!! so you can imagine how bad was the condition of road. we kept on moving downwards inside forest. Tough vehicles passed by us (SUV'S) we walked without taking ride in their vehicles. we did not ask anyone to drop us.walk through forest was a was a picturesque view filled with chirping sound of birds and eager look of langur monkeys. We could have not experienced these things, if we had taken our car or taken ride in anyone else's vehicle.

Entrace gate
Now, Nearly walking after an hour ,for 5 kms,we came down  to entrance gate of falls. Here we saw people, who had driven their vehicles for last 5kms, were now removing heap of wet mud from tires!I felt i did very good thing by not driving for last 5Kms. Even walking was sort of good exercise for us. At entrance, we have to pay 5rs per  head and walk the remaining 1/2 Km, from entrance gate, as shown in photo. Vehicles can come down till this entrance gate, but remaining 1/2 Km has to be traversed by foot. No vehicle, not even 2 wheelers can go here. Walking  for about 10mins inside the gate, we could hear the roar of waterfalls, it was loud sound. But it was still not visible. Since walk path being very narrow,  we had to walk slowly. Finally after 20mins we could see the Sathodi falls. Very beautiful falls,like a white flow over dark rocks at the background, rainy season was just perfect time to visit the falls as water was flowing in full gush. Water drops down and form a pool, hence you can even swim here. We were told that the falls runs all 12 months even during summers. There is no danger as such, as water falls from low height. 
                                                              SATHODI FALLS

Fallen tree in middle of path
It was a nice view. Though being sunday, there were few people. It was good for us!! It was nice to see the falls dropping nearly from 50 ft.  Since we had gone in monsoon, water was full and we could not go much further, as it was slippery. We inched as further as possible and took some snaps. There were children playing in waters under careful eyes of their parents..Sathodi falls is well maintained place for visiting along with family. One can spend family picnic time. There is no danger as such near the falls. So one can take chances of moving forward as and how...We sat nearly for an hour watching the falls.The water joins Kodsalli reservoir, located very next to the falls. Since we had to reach belgaum by 10pm so we left the place after taking some final snaps.

 Local people here have formed a committee which work towards development of tourism at the falls. Committee people have made a small hotel near the falls where one can get decent Veg food at affordable rates, the hotel runs from 10am to 5.30pm. Committee itself charges 5rs per head near entrance. So we had our afternoon lunch there. There are absolutely no staying facilities at the falls. To get accommodation one has to travel back 25kms to yellapur. Since there were very few tourist on the day we visited, the hotel people were free enough to tell us about their experience with wild animals they have seen near dam. I  was also told that they are trying to get funds released to get the last 5kms of mud road upgraded to tar road.hopefully it'll be done next time. Now,after stomach full of lunch, time was now around 2.30pm so we decided to leave and walk back 5kms, where we had parked our car. Since the road is inside forest, so we could not feel the heat of sun even in dead afternoon, as sunrays were being blocked by trees.
As we walked upwards, we saw a innova car which was trying to get past a huge tree root, it seemed to me that tree had fallen down recently. 
Kodsalli reservoir next to Sathodi falls

Finally after an hour of walk, we reached our car. So in total we walked nearly for about 10kms(to and fro).Reaching the car we drove back very carefully for the next 20kms to reach main road. On our way back we spotted pair of Hornbill birds, it was awesome sight.
Being rainy season, the roads were in such a  bad shape. Road condition should not be an issue if you are traveling in summer/winter season.
If one has time then you can even visit Magod falls, which is very near from yellapur. And even visit the famous sirsi Marikamba temple and Sahasralinga which is around 60kms from yellapur. 
Since we had to go back nearly 150kms , so it was back to Belgaum for us.

According to me Sathodi falls is well maintained place. Even worth for family visit. Many people come here to spend a day's picnic. People were  even having lunch next to kodsalli reservoir, it was a very silent place, ideal to spend some quality time with family/friends. If road condition is good for last 5 Kms, then vehicles can be droven till the entrance gate else even walking 10kms (To and fro) can be option, provided you are fit enough to walk the same.


1. Sathodi falls is in Yellapur taluk of Uttar Kannada district.
2. Falls runs throughout the year, but best seen in monsoons.
3.Huge sign board is displayed on main road, at yellapur, indicating direction of falls.
4.Better to have own vehicle,else than relying on public transport.
5.Absolutely no staying facilities at falls, Nearest decent accommodation is at Yellapur, or Sirsi.
6. Last 5km stretch of road is bad. So watch out ground clearance of ur vehicle.

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